Week 2 – Work and Kerala weekend visit

18 Oct

Monday, October 10 – 14

Week 2 at work went well and getting involved on several clients.  It’s neat to see different clients from different regions of US and get to work with these teams.  I now have several GAMx files and work is pretty busy reviewing the different work and files of the staff and working with various teams.  Nights are busy since we have calls with on-shore teams and difficult to get them all in since with Midwest time, we are 10.5 hours behind Bangalore time, makes for busy evenings and leaving around 9 PM.  I get in around 9/9:30 so they are long days but go really fast.  I have some clients in Pacific, Midwest, and Northeast so is nice getting a variety to see different teams and their approaches etc. It’s difficult to keep all these time zones straight for calls!  I also have been set up with several seniors to coach, mentor and meet with them periodically.

After work on Thursday we went out to dinner at Sunny’s on 100 feet road.  We went with a couple other rotators we met in tax that are here for 6 month rotation.  The food was really good and had Mahi Mahi.  The fish here has been excellent.  I haven’t eaten any beef yet, but not too excited about that since most don’t eat a lot of meat here it’s rare to see it on the menu.

Backwaters of Kerala Weekend Trip

October 15-October 16 Weekend in Kerala

Two of the other rotators, Dominique and Jenn, went to Kerala for the weekend.  One of the staff at work who is from Kerala set it up for us and planned our trip.  We arrived at the Kochi airport and had a driver pick us up (so much easier than backpacking and always figuring out where to go!).   Traffic was horrible in Kochi.  No joke we landed at 7:00 am and didn’t get to our destination until around 9:30/10 am.   2.5 hour – 3 hours later we had gone just outside the city limits.  I am guessing it was around 20 Km we actually went.  Since Kochi has a lot of water there are lots of bridges (similar to Florida Keys  just more jungle like and not resorts – so I guess nothing alike).  Our driver said a bridge was out and the reason for the very slow traffic (basically a stand still for about an hour and half for 1KM).   We also hit at a busy time since school here starts at 10:00 AM, was also in the middle of time people going to work and school.  School here is 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.  The roads are also very narrow so when driving back to the backwaters where our tour drop off was many winding roads.  The street was bustling with school children and was so cute to see them all in their uniforms!

After finally getting out of Kochi, and telling our driver we wanted to make a quick stop for water, went to a bakery shop.  The girls tried some cookies saying it tasted similar to butter cookies in US.

After another 1.5 hour drive we finally arrived at our final destination that was really just like an end of the road where our boathouse came to pick us up.  We got on the boat without either the driver or the other crew member saying anything to us.  (My guess is they didn’t speak English, and didn’t much.)  We soon realized this was a 1 cabin houseboat for the 3 of us with 1 bed (queen size) and 2 pillows.  There was a pull out mattress on the floor, but with little lizards and bugs running around wasn’t going to try that out.  The crew did warm up to us and said a few words and learned their names.  Motur was the owner of the boat and pretty much do this 4 days a week and fish on the other days.  We hung out for a while on the boat and soon they brought out lunch.  It was delicious!  Kerala is known for the fishing with using large Chinese fishing nets as well as the fishing boats in the backwaters. Lunch had a full whitefish on my place – (head included).  This was the first time I had a full fish on my plate, but was delicious!  Guess I’ve been missing out!

We soon also realized that our crew has no alcohol on board.  One of the “don’t rules” was avoid alcohol consumption while on board.  Oh well- here’s to the next 24 hours of getting to know each other.  We each also really didn’t come prepared for basically camping.  None of us had brought a book to read – but we did have the Rough Guide to India – so that was our reading that we passed around and learned about India.  The boat stopped after a little cruise on the canals and we got out and stopped at a little shop.  We were hopeful to find some sort of entertainment to keep us occupied on the boat.  We found a deck of cards in the shop and bought those.  We found what we thought was beer – but bought it and after tasting it didn’t think it was beer and come to find out it was non-alcoholic malt beer.  The shop also had huge prawns and a bucket full of crabs (alive).  The prawns were literally 4 -5 inches long and the size of lobster tail.  I’ve never seen such huge prawns!

The Prawns were huge - probably 6 inches long!

The day went fast and had a great time relaxing enjoying the scenery and learning new card games.  Dominique taught us a game called Egyptian Rats that we all came to love and was a really simple game similar to Slapjack that kept us occupied.  We asked Matur if we could fish and he brought out fishing pole for us and bait.  The bait was wheat flour dough that we put on the end of the hook.   The hook was pretty simple, basically a stick with a line attached and a hook.  None of us caught any fish, but had plenty of bites that took our bait.  We saw many fishing boats out and either come out in the morning or evening.

Next we traveled to another spot where we would dock for the night.  There was also one other houseboat docked there.  We were there for a while after a angry man came up and kept untying our boat.  He did is several times and was quite comical observing as they were arguing and sounded like we parked over his fish nets.  I think he untied us from the tree 5 times and throwing the rope in the water and Matur would re-tie before they finally came to a compromise.

The second day we went to Katakahli story telling dance/ theater show.

Katakahli story telling dance/theater

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