Manju’s Cooking Class & weekend in Bangalore

16 Oct

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday I woke up early and did a few things around my room.  The hotel has an amazing breakfast with omelets, quiche, bread, cheese, potatoes, bakery items, and really good fruit (and of course complete Indian food bar).   A couple of other rotators and I then went shopping for the afternoon to Commercial Street.  Commercial Street, Brigade Road, and MG Road are very close and all very good shopping.  Commercial Street is more local markets/shops than brand name items.  I bought a pair of sandals and love them!  Since everyone wears sandals at work, I thought I may get a pair and enjoy not wearing close toed shoes for once.  We ate lunch around 4:00 pm; the days here just seem to go so fast!  It takes so long to run simple errand or make a stop so I always catch myself at 2 or 3 pm thinking I should eat lunch sometime!  We had a quick lunch at KFC.  KFC are everywhere here.  I had some chicken and of course was a little spicy for their “original”, but was good bite to eat.  They also don’t serve with silverware at many places here.  I asked at KFC for a fork and of course, no silverware so ate it off the bone. Pizza Hut, Subway, McDonalds, and KFC.  Since Indians (Hindu’s) don’t eat beef, the menu at McDonald’s, subway, most places don’t have any beef.  No Big Mac, cheeseburger, etc. The South of India especially is mostly vegetarian.  At all restaurants that do serve both chicken and Veg, you order from separate lines based on if you want Vegetarian or chicken.  Some South Indians also don’t eat certain dairy products (eggs, etc.) or some don’t eat items that grow underneath the ground.  Thus, the first South Indian restaurant we ate at had no onions, potatoes, or things that grow in the soil.  They said some sort of dirty/spiritual reason on why they don’t eat things from the ground.

Also on right on Commercial Street is one of the larger Muslim Masques.  While shopping there were 2 prayers/chants that came over the loudspeaker, which to me seemed a little strange for a day shopping at markets.  The different religions are so interesting here, since there are also so many different sub-types and has about 10% Christianity, 20% Islam, and 70% Hindu.   In Bangalore, the majority are Hindu.

Commercial Street – busy place! 

That evening for dinner we went to UB City (United Brewery City) and ate at Tuscany Italian restaurant.  I ate some Sea Bass and was really good.  UB City has high end designer stores (Louie Vutton, Dior, type shops).  They had lots of restaurants up top and a bar at the very top called Sky Bar.  We went up to Sky Bar after dinner and were on the top floor overlooking the city.  It was a lot of fun, but pretty expensive about $10 US a drink.  The music that is played here, the best word that comes to mind is RANDOM. 🙂  One minute it will be Party Rock Anthem and then John Paul or an older song from 10 years ago.  All together a great evening and fun bar!  Again the bar closed at 11, so not to difficult to close the bars down here.

Sunday October 9, 2011

Manju’s Cooking Class – South India Food

Sunday slept in and took a cooking class for South Indian Food.  A woman started this out of her home and has been doing it for about 10 years.  Her name is Manju and had excellent food!  We made idle, vada, coconut chutney, Masala Dosa (breakfast food), Rada, idlee, Sambar, and many others.  It was tasty!!  I had the recipes as well – the only thing it may be hard finding some of these spices in the US.

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